Balanced effortless sitting

Hand crafted in Byron Bay, Australia, The Original Perch is the perfect meditation and posture seat specially designed to enable users to sit comfortably, whilst effortlessly encouraging good posture.

The Original Perch’s unique perch design uses your body weight to automatically self-adjust to the most comfortable seating position for you. This even distribution of weight takes the pressure off knees and joints, allowing you to sit for long periods of time with ease.

Balancing beneath your body, the specific design of the Original Perch supports a ‘”neutral spine” posture, whilst engaging core muscles and creating positive “muscle memory” – continuing to support your body all throughout the day. This active sitting experience makes it almost impossible to slouch and sitting upright feels both easy and natural.


Versatile, compact & portable

The Original Perch is perfect for anyone wanting a supportive, compact and portable alternative to traditional seating.

Originally designed with meditation in mind, it’s perfect for those wanting to improve their posture and is ideal for use while reading, eating, playing on the floor with the kids, watching TV or working at a low-line computer table.

The Orginal Perch
The Original Perch
The Original Perch
The Original Perch

Improves posture | Aligns your spine | Engages core | Creates muscle memory | Comfortable to sit on | Compact and lightweight | Easily portable


“There are many benefits to having good posture but unfortunately our current lifestyles lack the support to be aligned and work within beneficial postural alignment. Using the perch for just 10 minutes a day can allow the following:

  • increased digestion processes
  • increased vertebral alignment of the spine
  • clearer thought patterns
  • an increased ‘state of ease’

You are 80% stronger in a neutral spinal alignment than any other posture. The perch is an easy way to aid in the muscle memory of staying in good posture. I will use it when eating breakfast every morning!”

Lucy Johnston, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, ESSAM, Core Health Group, Australia

“The Original Perch is fantastic. My meditation practice used to be interrupted by me constantly moving due my back getting sore but now I can sit for an hour without any movement. It also helps me sit in a more upright position which allows me to breath better. Thank you for the great product.”

Daniel Comparing, Byron Bay NSW Australia

“Love my perch.  I use it every day and recommend it to all my yogi friends and to friends with back problems.  It places your body in perfect alignment.”

Annie Villa, Aerial Yoga Instructor, The Circle, Brighton UK