A few years ago I was doing a 9 day meditation retreat and I thought I would try sitting on one of the wooden stools that some people were using to sit instead of the cushion I normally use. I found I liked this new position and used the stool for a couple more sessions.
However, I quickly began to find that I was not so comfortable anymore and I began to wonder why. I then noticed that some of the others who were sitting on stools didn’t seem to look very relaxed in their posture somehow.

After a couple more tries with a stool I had the idea that the stool needed to be adjustable to suit your body dynamic. I also began to think that our bodies are different at different times of the day; colder and stiffer in the morning, warmer and more flexible later in the day. Soon after the retreat, while thinking about his ‘problem’, the design for The Original Perch came to me in a classic ‘lightbulb’ moment.

It took me a little while to actually make the first one as I was busy setting up my new workshop ( after many years of wishing for it) but right from the off I knew this was s great product.
We launched The Original Perch at the annual Brisbane Yoga Festival in June 2014 and were really pleased with the response. What was most interesting and rewarding for us though was the opportunity to watch people sit on The Perch. As they sat, there was invariably, an “Oh yeah” moment as their body visibly relaxed and they felt the sense of being effortlessly balanced. Quite a few would also sigh with relief which was (and is) really enjoyable to see.

It was at the same festival that Andrew, a qualified acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and Remedial massage therapist, gave us our first bit of insightful feedback. As he sat on the stool he said he could “Feel his body making micro adjustments to stay balanced that would also strengthen his core muscles”. He could feel his body was relaxed and balanced in a very easy and natural way.

Since then a number of professional practitioners, including Osteopaths, Yoga Teachers and an Exercise Physiologist have given us similar and more detailed feedback saying things like “It puts the spine into a “neutral” position allowing it to curve in a natural way” and “Sitting for just 10 Minutes a day can create ‘muscle memory’ for the body to remember what a good posture feels like” (Lucy Johnston: Exercise Physiologist). While we make no claims as to the actual health benefits of The Original Perch, a woman told us recently that she has had years of chiropractic treatment for back pain and that she could “Feel the areas of discomfort adjusting themselves as I sit” and “I have been unable to sit for this long for a long time.
She sat for 40 minutes.

I must confess that when I designed this seat I had no idea it could be this beneficial for people but I am so pleased that so many people just love it.

The original version was made from solid timber and had fixed legs that were jointed and glued. I have recently developed a new version with removable legs for easy transport and storage. This new version is now the most popular.